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Who is mandy dating

He has an extremely large, pink nose inherited from his father, Harold, wears a blue and white-striped shirt and covers his ginger orange hair (which is inherited from his mother, Gladys) with a red cap. Mandy is Billy's best friend, though she treats him more like a servant than a friend.It has been hinted several times that Billy may have underlying feelings for Mandy that even he (in his stupidity) may not fully realize.Billy has a wide curiosity which gets him into situations he often can't get himself out of without Grim and Mandy coming to his rescue.Billy is terrified of clowns to the point of having recurring nightmares about them, although eventually, due to an encounter with his inner frat boy, his fear is transformed into a psychotic loathing and hate for them.Mandy smiling is shown to be the end of the world; in the episode "My Fair Mandy", after entering a local beauty contest against the queen bee of her classroom, it was revealed that all of reality would be humorously, psychedelically distorted, resulting in the series swapping premises with that of The Powerpuff Girls, another Cartoon Network animated series.

The “Candy” singer, who split from husband Ryan Adams after almost six years of marriage this past January, has been spending time with Dawes lead singer Taylor Goldsmith, and a source tells Us Weekly that they’re dating.

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Voiced by Grey De Lisle Mandy is 10 year old girl of vast intelligence and a sinister, manipulative nature.

Demanding, rude, and misanthropic, Mandy's antagonistic behavior has left her parents in trembling, quavering perpetual intimidation, and her frightening, cold nature has left her virtually fearless in times of severe supernatural danger or while being faced with menacing, bloodthirsty otherworldly monsters.

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