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Jennifer Aniston’s romantic future is anyone’s guess, and as usual, the tabloids have been brimming with speculation about the state of her affairs.

On any given day, the winsome television and movie star is either pregnant, feuding with her latest love interest, or has been seen with a handsome stranger in a variety of exotic locations.

Jennifer Aniston has experienced her fair share of mishaps when it comes to relationships. Jennifer went out with the Counting Crows frontman for a short period in 1994, before he went on to date her co-star and best-pal Courtney Cox.

Following the disastrous end to her marriage to Brad Pitt, the Friends star unashamedly went on to date a great selection of gorgeous men in her attempt to find 'The One.'Since my profile on her life struggles the other day, I thought it would only be fair to create a much more comprehensive profile on some of her colorful dating history. Apparently, the romance was not as heated as previously thought, with Duritz openly admitting that they never slept together. The pair went out for almost three years and were actually engaged before finally calling it quits.

Aniston and Pitt were married from 2000 to 2005 after dating for two years.

Aniston shared her heartbreak over the breakup with several media outlets, including .

I just decided to include him in the list because he is super fit! Yet, for a while it seemed that the lovebirds would make it, with Mayer reportedly looking to purchase an 18-carat diamond ring for her that would have set him back millions.

She’s currently slated to head to the altar with Justin Theroux at some point in the future; as of yet, the date has not been set.This growing passion for the field subsequently led her to enroll in Manhattan's Fiorello H.La Guardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts at the age of 15.Though inherits the Greek blood from her father, she never carries his initial surname since her grandfather had anglicized it to Aniston when he immigrated to the States around 1930s.As a young child, the girl spent most of her early life in New York after previously lived in Greece for one year to then attend Rudolf Steiner School's drama club where she began flourishing an interest in acting.

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Known for her magnetic charm and whip-smart comic timing which easily work their way to capture every audience's attention, Jennifer Joanna Aniston has no doubt emerged to be one of the most prominent Hollywood actresses of her generation.