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Who is anthony cumia dating

Because [Norton and I] stayed, we get a lot of negativity heading our way.It was our way of saying things were going well for us.…that he did not threaten to quit in negotiations to keep Anthony onboard.“I didn’t feel like we were on that page anymore,” he says. “I don’t know if Opie threatening to quit would’ve made a difference,” he told Opie says he did fight to save Anthony’s job, a sentiment he reiterated on his radio show this week, saying, “He should not have gotten fired for the tweets,” and “It would be crazy on my part to not defend him and try to keep him here because the Opie and Anthony brand was so strong no matter what kind of relationship me and Anthony had.” “Opie always indicated to me that he was trying to save Ant’s job,” added Norton, who remains close friends with both hosts.I can honestly say it was not a jab and I wish we had a relationship where he could’ve called me out on that not publicly.

“I absolutely did not mean it as a jab towards Anthony.

“I never at one point thought Opie didn’t want to keep him.

When Ant got fired, no one’s first thought was, Let's save Ant. I get why Anthony feels this way, but there was never any indication that Opie wasn’t fighting for Ant.”The duo’s fight was in many ways a long time coming: Both Anthony and Opie point to events from as long ago as 1999, as well as multiple “jabs” exchanged between the two since Anthony’s firing.

Anthony said his resentment began after Opie noted online that Sirius XM management was happy with the new show, and had gained 20,000 new subscribers. “We had discussed it on and off air how moronic management is with that type of radio.

So to go out and say management likes what we are doing here, you aren’t only insulting your own show but you’re also taking a jab at me...

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Keep up with this story and more controversial comments made on his Twitter account following an altercation with an African-American woman.

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