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When it comes to computer games, players can choose to be anyone or anything. But gamers don't always mask their true identities with online avatars.

When it comes to computer games, players can choose to be anyone or anything.

It's a very sensual and sensitive and sort of erotic scene.

It's the ultimate blue movie, you dig what I'm saying? I think every actor wants to be part of something that can be considered a piece of cinema in a significant way, and I feel that way with "Avatar." I think professionally it certainly has goosed things for me.

You see some creatures that you hadn't seen before, and they're stunning. MTV: I was going to ask you about that — the extended Na'vi sex scene. Of course, after doing Quaritch, who I admit is the villain of the piece, you tend to compare everything to that, and I don't want to repeat myself, or I don't want to do a pale reflection or imitation of myself. Lang: I get a lot of people coming up to me and saying, "I really hate you." And they say it in the nicest possible way and I accept it. Check out everything we've got on "Avatar." For breaking news, celebrity columns, humor and more — updated around the clock — visit MTVMovies

Lang: There's an extended Na'vi sex scene, but that doesn't cover it. It's the people who come up to you and say, "I really liked your character.

"Men may not necessarily try to mask their offline gender when they use a female avatar, but our study shows they do reinforce idealized notions of feminine appearance and communication." Online computer games allow gamers to solve a class of problems in quantum physics that cannot be easily solved by algorithms alone.

Citizen science games have already proved successful in advancing ...

It was with respect to movement that the male gamers with female avatars ultimately gave themselves away: they moved backwards more often and stayed further away from the group than women playing with female avatars.Stephen Lang: Everybody's entitled to a victory lap! I was surprised at how emotional it was, just to re-enter the world and to be reminded what an extraordinary period in my life this has been.Above and beyond that, there has been this hankering for more information about this world that Jim created, and Jim is responsive to that and excited to bring back some of the footage it was probably painful for him to cut in the first place. I've been doing other things and "Avatar" subsided for a while and it's been a lot of fun for it to rise up again. Whether you need an avatar for your favorite forums, an instant messenger window, a website or as a wallpaper for your mobile phone this is the place to come. According to a new study by researchers at Concordia University, Colorado State University, Syracuse University, Hofstra University and the University of Toronto, a male gamer who chooses to play as a female character will still display signs of his true gender.

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But there's no sex scene between Quaritch and [Sigourney Weaver's] Grace or anyone else, which is unfortunate.

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