Is amy from miss advised dating kevin

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You’d think she was visiting the Tribune Media Services office to put in her notice, but whoops! And who was this mystery lady who needs a tutorial on highlighting her hair?

Apparently she is Susanna Negovan, formally of Michigan Avenue, a free local society rag that ran a Julia-arranged titastic puff piece on the fantastic failure that was “Social Studies.” The two dole out tired clichés about the LA dating scene, and Julia is all hopeful, and we’re all supposed to believe that this scene is not a complete contrivance because everything you see on television is true.

So Julia gives us some background on her and her quest to find love, and the entire thing is a fantastic display of legalese and pathological lies.

She claims that she has had a column every year for ten years, which is a stretch, but I guess she can’t say, “Hello!

Julia seems the most levelheaded and genuine of the three women, but she hasn't even unpacked from her move to Los Angeles when she finds a guy on Craigslist (no, not in THAT part of Craigslist, she hastens to tell her roommate), goes to dinner with him, realizes immediately they have no chemistry, but keeps him dangling for a while until she can sweet-talk him into helping her lug moving boxes into her new digs. Of course, her own breakup rule for others is "always do it in a classy manner." In this case, that would be not just texting him, I guess. Absolutely, and being a manipulative user is an unattractive habit for either gender.

She ignores her own advice and goes to dinner with her ex, AB (pronounced "Abie," as in "Abie's Irish Rose"), who's relocated to Saudi Arabia and is back in New York to run the marathon.

Julia’s “storyline” is that she moved from Chicago, which kudos to her for actually being honest about that, to Los Angeles on a quest to find love and that she has a 73-point checklist of required characteristics in her forever imaginary husband (more on that later). By pretending that Julia had a “job” and an “office” to go to where she worked on what I venture to guess was a “dating column.” She clomps into her “place of employment” wearing what could only be described as a Joan Collins Snuggie ( Thanks Kash Money!

) looking like a drunk WASP-y matriarch to meet with her “editor” or “boss” or something. Julia tells her fake-editor that she’s moving away to find love.

The peripatetic hour began with a montage of our three career girls working it. They also threw up a couple of articles on screen, one from way back in 2008 and one that Julia didn’t even write.

There was Amy doing her radio thing and SWEET MOTHER OF FUCK! So there, America, Julia Allison is a “dating columnist.” Just run with it.

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