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Until then, let’s take a deep dive into the security updates for March.

MS17-006 – Internet Explorer (Critical) This bulletin addresses 12 vulnerabilities, five of which are publicly known and one which is under active attack.

A different Important-rated update for VMware Workstation corrects multiple security issues, including a DLL-loading issue and a null pointer dereference.

VMware does not patch on a regular schedule like some vendors, so it’s interesting to see a flurry of patches come from them.

A separate update for VMware Workstation and Fusion fixes an out-of-bounds memory access vulnerability.

Both are rated Critical and were released within days of each other.

Over 20 of the CVEs receive an Exploit Index (XI) rating of 1, which means Microsoft indicates exploitation is more likely for these issues.The worst case for these bugs would allow someone on the guest OS to execute code on the host OS.We actually have this scenario as a category in this year’s Pwn2Own.MS17-010 – SMB Server (Critical) This bulletin addresses 6 vulnerabilities, one of which is publicly known but not reported to be under active attack.All of these issues rely on SMBv1, which really should be disabled on your systems.

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