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As I sat there looking at you, I wondered if you could feel my deviant desire for you.I took off my coat exposing my tone and sexy arms to, as I turned back to innocently look at you.I began to kiss his neck, and to slowly move my hips in a sensual circular motion feeling him get excited below me. He hands it back to me and says, “You’re in charge of all the licking”. Which felt odd, I was showing off the signals but I didn’t realize when our lips first touched what I was in for. And he turned the light off in the living room as I was popping my bra snap. ” I asked him surprised, I don’t know the last time I had sex with the lights off. As she walks toward you and places her hands on your broad shoulders, she gazes into your eyes. There is a magical kiss on the lips in front of everyone. Your Wickedly Seductive Witch, Victoria 866-930-0008 x 305 The other night we had our Office Halloween Party everybody stay late after work.We made love several times, but now I’m even more excited to be with you and I can’t wait for our time together. Your Smitten Kitten, Diandra 866-930-0008 x 304 We were finishing off a rolled smoke. “Oh, sure no I guess not,” and he turned them back on, and I saw him with the pants off…. slowly little bowls of candy and plates of fresh fruit and cheese and crackers were put out all around the office none of us really care about Halloween, but it’s required so we all showed up in our Halloween costumes. Black tight jump suit, black superhero masks and tall boots.I feel so good while he slamming himself into me Oh my god, boss I can’t believe you’re doing this to me When we finish I know that I look at him a little bit shy but not embarrassed at all and I said to him “how does my hair look” and he tells me “looks like you just got freshly fucked miss Rebecca time to get back to work “ he zips himself up, grabs his high ball glass and walks out. I return silently to the Halloween Office Party, my soaking wet panties in one hand, two empty punch cups in the other.

As she starts to cut his hair, he watches in the mirror, as those shiny silver scissors snip away his hair with her talented hands. Victoria and the gentleman are enjoying the witty banter as the sexual tension builds between the two of them. I laid back on my silky sheets rubbing them on my legs and thighs. The six pack dream kissing the tall long legged blonde, Kissing her neck I could hear the smacking of his lips as they came pressed on her neck. He kissed every inch of her nipples getting so hard. she and I decided to go to the mall and we walked around for a while surrounded by the hustle and bustle of everybody getting into the Christmas mood. ” I ask her as I float away towards the food court. Playing with my clit and grabbing my breast’s as I go. “Is everything okay in there miss” I hear a sales girl ask. Yes, sorry I really like this one” I smile at my own reflection. Your wife feels like a character in one her romance novels. His lips were so taunting, and he would lick them now and then.

I sighed, well I was naked, so I was gonna at least try. He would do it for a couple moments then ask me if it was good. As she walks into the room, every head turns in her direction. “Sure” I tell him and grab another Planters punch for the road.

So he went down on me and put his dick in my mouth, I tried to suck it but I kept having to push my fact into the fold of his belly and it was hard to breath. “Don’t stop” I kept telling him, but every time I got close he would stop! Finely I gave up and said; “Hey, let’s just have sex, I have a condom in my bag…” I pull it out, and go to slip it on him, and realize. Victoria is seductive and captivating with her womanly curves, long legs, and shiny jet black hair. So we walk out: me with two drinks in my hands like a fool but I’m so nervous I have no idea what to do.

I left my hair loose that day, curled just at the tips, so I could tease you with it all day.

When I walked into the room I saw you look at me, I could feel the lust from where I sat.

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The man sits at the hair washing station, and Victoria silently washes his hair. So wet, I pushed my panties to the side and grabbed “Mr. He started smiling pushing his cock into her and staring right into my eyes.

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