Dating marshall amps

Posted by / 25-Jun-2018 17:05

Not to mention the Muff and Mistress combo on Comfortably Numb, which left me absolutely speechless.

Mark Brickman has done an amazing job with designing beautiful lighting for each song.

David struggled a lot with his playing during the first night and so much to the extent that I was worried that he had lost the ability to perform well. He seemed to have great difficulty with the new solos in particular and it didn’t help that most of his tones lacked sustain and grit.

The second and third night was something different though. His playing was probably the best I’ve seen – at least on a couple of songs – and he extended several solos, clearly revealing a more relaxed and confident mood.

The stage and the overall production is very classy and minimalistic.

Much of the lighting is very similar to what they used on the last tour.

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The current touring band feature familiar faces and a couple of new ones and they sound incredibly coherent and tight.