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Dating hot vids

Best of all, you won’t have to wait too long to try the game out for yourself: as of this writing, the game is on track for a July 13 release on Steam.Until then, we’ll all have the month to choose which dad is right for us.Hot Date is the third add–on for The Sims and is probably the most value for money: rather than getting just a few more items and a couple of extra career paths, you get to explore the altogether friskier side of Sim life... The first addition to the Sims universe is the downtown area.

You can also edit the downtown area by creating your own buildings.In The Sims: Hot Date, you'll play matchmaker and see if you can take your Sim down the path of romance!Fun new animated scenes and rewards for people who do well on their dates If you can keep up a conversation and share mutual interests over a long period, you can even ask for your date's hand in marriage!I Loved the original Sims when I bought it and got hot date because it seemed to be the one that offered the most social interations, but I think Livin Large would have been the better investment.NOT FOR SIMS 3: accidentally bought this after clearly searching "Sims 3: Hot Date" or "Date Night" and only realized after it came in that it was for ancient ol' Sims 1.

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And who could forget the full motion video dating sim that Zoe Quinn is currently producing with weirdo erotic mastermind Chuck Tingle?