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I only went for 24 hours and was with family on a personal matter so I never hit the clubs or bars but wow!

I think Hungary as a whole is played out since the '90s. I might pass the info along to my friend (he's a native) and see what he thinks. Rents are very low in Budapest so they would not make a good rental investment but as a place to live in whether permanently or for part of the year they seem incredibly good value.I was with my ex and was not able to see much of the nightlife.It is a city I would seriously think of moving too, I have seen some nice ex-pat jobs there and see that the country is growing.In Romania I never met one Ukrainian chick so I'd be happy to hear Hungary has more of them living there.I don't see why you could not live in Budapest but head up to the Ukraine on the weekends to party.

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Watch out for Gypsies trying to rob you at knifepoint, and the women in the centre that try to lure you into bars to steal all your cash 2 months back I hit Budapest for the first time.

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